Analytics for Supply Chain

Cloud-based Xfleet Analytics  allows users to optimize their business on a single screen using advanced data analytics

Xfleet Analytics Dashboard converts massive quantities of data from equipment, processes and people into intuitive, actionable insights that enable monitoring of all deliveries operations from a single screen. In turn, this helps customers optimize the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of their business.

New Interactive Analytics Dashboard 360 for Supply Chain

Better Understand Current Customer Base
The Map view shows current account locations, streamlining how users analyze and measure the current state of their delivery activity by geographic areas. Use the Map to review their total service area and zoom into specific areas as needed.

Protect Current Customer Base

The dashboard is designed to help operations teams retain their current customer base. For example, a manager or customer support representative can view how many clients are not sending orders and to visually evaluate whether the problem is an isolated or widespread incident.

Identify Areas for Growth

he dashboard empowers dispatchers to explore their operations in new ways, helping them create upgrade routes or areas with greater chances for success. Seeing everything at a glance allows them an opportunity to create targeted campaigns to protect accounts and maximize growth opportunities.