Clients Overview

Your clients physical locations and delivery preferences are important in your daily business operations.

You can define map markers for customer locations and any other locations on the map.

When you define clients you can add information to them such as an address, assigned driver, contact details, delivery details, description, custom attributes, tags, and other information.

From Clients, select Create a Client using "+".
Fill in the information on the Client Record, and select Save.
*Note: You must fill out all fields marked with an asterisk before saving.

Optional you can set:

Delivery duration - unloading time for this client
Specific requirements - added by Admin in settings menu (e.g. vehicle with ladder, special technicians, etc)

Clients that are saved will appear on the Client List.

From Clients, select the settings icon to access the column drop-down. Choose to select or de-select the columns you wish to appear on the Client List.

In your client list you can:

  • View a list of defined markers using the clients screen.
  •  Filter specific client/clients and shown their locations on the map. 
  • Geocode all your clients (pressing geocode button)
  • Import or export clients from or to a .csv or .xls file.
  • Advanced filtering using clients 

How do I delete a Client?

A client with work history has Jobs, Tasks or Notes associated with them and a Xfleet Icon is shown next to their Client Name.

To delete these clients, Admins will have to first delete all Jobs, Tasks, and Notes associated with them.

From Clients, search for the client, select checkbox, and select Delete.

How do I create a Client custom field?

Admins that require additional Client fields to be stored in a Client Record can create Client Custom Fields such as, account no, source and any other informations. 

From Settings, select Custom Fields  then select  Client and the field type (text, number, email).

You can group clients into categories represent important characteristics of locations, such as mini-market, keyaccounts, etc to use this informations when filtering for routes or analyzing complex delivery data.

When a vehicle stops at a client will show this information in daily report. 

If a company is no longer working with a Client, Admins can mark that Client as inactive.

From Clients List, select the Client you would like to make inactive from the list and simply press Inactive.