Collaborative operations cloud

At Xfleet, our goal is simple:  To evolve your business with a suite of eLogistics solutions to an ever growing market of supply chain and IoT innovators.

Leading the digital transformation of operations

We bring together everything that's required to optimize the Last Mile and the right constellation of basic apps, plus the ability to rapidly integrate any existing solution or hardware, creating a digital supply chain platform. As a result, your business can go globally.


Our program pays 40% of every sale and recurring payment generated by your referrals during their membership to Xfleet.

An integrated platform to increase safety, efficiency, and sustainability
Xfleet unifies data between maintenance, logistics, sales, accounting, HR and much more.

To quote many of our own customers: Xfleet truly is a game changer!

Xfleet redefines the paradigm for running an online business for GPS tracking, Last Mile optimization and Driver dispatching. Dispatchers and planners can say goodbye to having to research, configure and experiment with a plethora of Excel, Orders, TMS, GPS and Maps,  and others while paying a separate and often exorbitant fee for each of them.

Now, you too can be part of our success. Become an Xfleet advocate, knowing that you would be proudly promoting an amazing product.

We're thrilled to help you bring Xfleet to your marketplace