Connecting to telematics providers in Xfleet

Xfleet supports asset tracking via telematics by associating automatic GPS/cellular updates received from telematics devices to specific Xfleet events, such as a pickup or delivery. This allows operations personnel, as well as connected Xfleet tenants, to view the driver’s location and reduce the number of check calls made to drivers during deliveries. While we recommend using the Xfleet Driver app for location updates, sometimes it makes more business sense to integrate with an existing telematics provider.

This article covers:
  • Enabling the telematics connection 
  • Assigning telematics to assets
  • Tracking a shipment with telematics 

Note: Telematics integrations can only be configured by Xfleet Admins.

How does it work?

Telematics devices assigned to specified vehicle send location updates that indicate the driver’s position. The telematics connection must be configured with the telematics provider as well as in Xfleet. Once established, Xfleet will ingest location information from the telematics device and those updates will be surfaced within the delivery to which that equipment is assigned.
Location information can be viewed on the delivery under the tracking icon
, just like viewing tracking updates from the driver app. If your tenant has a telematics integration configured, the specific telematics provider will appear in the Source column. If the shipment has been shared with your tenant, the Source will appear as the sharing tenant’s name.