Getting Started in 3 simple steps

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Or, view these 3 simple steps


After you've completed your profile, you'll see the Xfleet Menu on the left panel.

From here, select Client List. Define all clients and then you can select Geocode button to geocode all your clients list at once. And, if you created Zones in the Settings, simply push this button and the system will allocate all your clients to your Zones.
To add multiple clients fast you can use Import interface or API to simply add all your clients or just the new ones.

Simply add your client's contact information and details. Then, click Active and Save.

Clients are physical locations that are important in your daily delivery operations.
When you define clients you can add information to them such as an address, assigned driver, contact details, delivery details, description, custom attributes, tags, and other information.


💡 One JOB can be one Order or can comprise multiple Orders.

From the Order List, click the + button and select a client's name to link the order

Jobs represent pickup or delivery orders to perform at a destination. For example:
  • Delivery of groceries or meal kits
  • Delivery of a medicine prescription
  • Pickup of laundry or dry-cleaning
  • Pickup of a retail/e-commerce return

! If you perform unique pickups for each order, then you will need to create two linked tasks in Xfleet to represent the pickup and then the subsequent dropoff.

Jobs are completed by drivers using the driver app on Android or iOS.

Complete Order details, Active and Save.

Fill in the basic job details, select Save & Close.

Note: Don't complete Order's fields :Ship to name or Ship to address unless you will use this address in RoutePlan optimization scenarios. If this field is not completed the system will use the saved client address.

Scenario: let's say you deliver food and this client want the today order to be delivered at a different address than the usual address. In this case you will use this fields without making changes to client address.

Use Importing menu or Xfleet API for adding multiple orders at once and save time.


After the jobs has been successfully scheduled, an Admin or a Dispatcher will see this Jobs on the RoutePlan Scheduler.

Select RoutePlan menu from the left panel, select the date or All Pending orders and see all jobs on a single map.

The selected orders was loaded to Routeplan

Filtering orders

1. Use hand tool from the map to select your group of orders.

Keep only clients from selection. The system will automatically adjust orders to work / optimize only selected.

Set your constraints and select the icon PLAY for route planning.

Set of contraints, example for this scenario:

Depot and departure

Depot + round trip
Hour 07:00 o'clock
Tomorrow date


General Unloading Time - 5 minutes
Max Jobs per route  - 15
Max Route Duration - 8Hrs
Time windows constraints active


Weight set - will not overload the vehicle taking into account weight capacity


Normal speed for driver - taking into account roads constraints.

The routes will be optimized quickly.

Inspect your routes by clicking on the license plate. Make all the adjustments using drag and drop, delete or revert order.
Note: When you update a route or a job, your driver or technician is automatically receiving the change.

Simple changing an client / order to another route. The system will automatically adjust and re-optimize the routes.

Click SAVE to save all your routes. 


Get the Driver app, invite a few team drivers, and have them geocode clients, record notes, upload photos, documents and signatures right from the job site.