Invite a few Team Drivers

Now that you’ve created a few routes and scenarios, it’s time to start collaborating with your team, dispatch your routes and really get the most out of Xfleet. If you’re the first person in your organization to use Xfleet, now is the time you should invite a few team drivers to try it out the new Xfleet Driver Mobile app.

Dispatch and receive
jobs in the field

Dispatch jobs directly to drivers and techs and allow them to set job status. They can see their routes, schedule, geocode clients and collect signatures, photos and notes while at the job site – all from the driver app.

Download the Xfleet mobile app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device from AppleStore or Google Play 

Start small

Adding another tool to your team’s lineup usually requires everybody’s investment and feedback. But before you get your whole team on board, we recommend starting off with only a few drivers. That way, you can build a few scenarios, test the Driver Dispatch and propose Xfleet to your entire team once you’ve started to get results you can demonstrate. And when you’re  ready for the whole team we’ve got you covered.

A good test group could be a few of your most trusted drivers, or dispatchers you work with frequently that might be a smaller subset of your whole team. Ask around and get a group of up to five others to try it out with you. They will immediately receive an email guiding forward. 

Proposing the value of Xfleet

Even if your team drivers are excited to try Xfleet with you, they’ll most likely want more information. Here are some benefits you can highlight to get them on board:

  • Know who’s doing what, by when—Xfleet tells you who’s doing what by when. That means spending less time calling to check on locations and statutes, and more time driving to clients.

  • Save time, and set new goals—Your routes will be automatically dispatched, which means no more messy printing, emails, phones or sms chains. Better control and optimization for your routes allocation so you can drive forward, instead of waisting time around it.

  • See your drivers near real time status in context—Get updates on the routes and deliveries you’re following, and see your team’s near-realtime progress with Live Map and status updates.

Inviting team drivers to Xfleet

Once you’ve got a group to try Xfleet with you add your drivers

Click the + button in your Users page’s header. You can access page this by clicking Settings from the sidebar. Select Driver group. Your drivers will automatically receive invitations on email to set their passwords and to download Xfleet Driver Mobile app.


Add and Manage fleet vehicles with all informations

Learn how to manage your fleet in Xfleet to stay updated on progress and reduce phone calls on your team.