JOBS Overview

Everything at Xfleet starts with a JOB -  one time visit performed at a destination - and is either a pickup or a dropoff.

Easily create, dispatch and track information about your JOBS in real time. From Quick Onboarding, Admins can view a short video on getting started with Jobs.

💡Tip: One JOB can be one order or can comprise multiple orders. If you perform unique pickups for each order, then you will need to create two linked tasks in Xfleet to represent the pickup and then the subsequent dropoff.

Create Orders

Creating Orders Manually, go to Orders List, select "+"

Each Order can be configured with its own name, location, delivery date and time windows, time on site, driver, load, and attributes. Depending of your business model, JOBS can be created directly in Xfleet, using a name and an address or a set of GPS coordinates.

Alternative Jobs can be imported in Xfleet manually using import feature or this process can be fully automatic and scheduled using our API interface.

A JOB should always have one Destination, using the Recipient address - specific Client address and/or geocode location.

Once the Order is created will appear on the list of jobs and also, comprised as a job on the RoutePlan menu.

Once the Job is dispatched the Driver or Technician gets all informations about the new job on their mobile app.

If you are using the Recipient model they can receive SMS text notifications and can track driver statuses ( this feature is depending on your subscription, please contact your administrator)

A job is created and managed by a registered user with Administrator and Dispatcher rights (either on the dashboard or via the API), and can only be started and completed by a registered Driver or Technician (via the Xfleet mobile app).

Once the job is finished, Admins can view the job’s completion details and notes on what was done.

Printing Delivery report in PDF will bring all collected field information.