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Here in Guide you’ll find all the detailed documentation for Xfleet features, learn how to set up your Organizations and Teams, create routes, dispatch jobs, understand permission settings, invite team drivers, get to know Premium features, and more.

Whether you sign up for Xfleet yourself or are invited by somebody else, you start by creating or activating an Xfleet account. Xfleet accounts are free and tied to individuals; Xfleet accounts grant access to shared Teams and Organizations to collaborate with other Xfleet users.

Create an account by signing up

What is an Organization?

Organizations connect all the employees at your company using Xfleet in a single space based on your company’s shared email domain.

Within the Organization, you and your colleagues can split into Teams to collaborate on your delivery projects and jobs.

Try Xfleet with 14-day free trial using just a valid company email address. Get started with Xfleet in 3 simple steps.

The best way to test our software is to try it with your own data. Once you receive the email with your administrator account you can log in, the software will guide you through all  main features automatically in a demo, with sample data. Follow the demo first and the guides to understand how everything works! Then, try uploading your own data!

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This help system provides the information and resources you need to get the most out of your Xfleet Delivery Management System. 

The topics it contains are organized into the following major sections:

User administration

Fleets and Teams


Clients and Orders

Vehicle and Assets

RoutePlan and Scenarios

Map and Area


Routing and Scheduling

Tags and Custom fields


Advanced topics