Vehicles Overview

To create a vehicle:

1.Open the main menu and select the Vehicles option. The Vehicles list opens.

Click the  + button on the List panel tool bar to create Vehicle. The Vehicle dialog box opens.

  1. Enter the relevant vehicle details under each tab in the Vehicle dialog box:

  • Overview - Specify the basic information about the vehicle, including its Team, Zone (optionally), Driver,  license plate, internal ID, Name

  • Vehicle Cost and schedule (optionally) - Describe the vehicle's running costs and daily schedule.

  • Vehicle specifications -  Describe the vehicle type, its physical height and weight, and its hazmat load type.

  • Capacity - Specify the vehicle's maximum  load capacity per route (kg, mc2, pallets)

  • Tags - Add specific tags for attributes that the vehicle possesses and that may be required by a route, for example weight scale, tall ladder or refrigeration capabilities.

  • Special requirements - Add tags for requirements that the vehicle must possess for routes using this vehicle to build successfully

  • Custom properties (fields) - Add your own customer - defined data fields to the vehicle, which are shown on the Vehicles list and can be used to sort the grid.