What is Route Optimization?

Route optimization is the process of determining the most cost-efficient route. You may think that it means finding the shortest path between two points, but it’s rarely that simple: You must account for all relevant factors involved such as the number and location of all stops on the route, arrival/departure time gap, effective loading, etc. Route optimization is a solution for so-called vehicle routing problems (VRPs).

Routing lets you plot a route between any number of stops. Once you have defined the stops you want a driver to make, you can optimize the route and generate clear instructions for your drivers.

- Overview
- Algorithm Constraints 

Xfleet's route optimization algorithm considers:

• Multiple Depots / starting or ending points
• Delivery locations
• Time windows 
• Driver schedules 
• Pickup or Delivery
• Fleet capacities (kg, mc3, pallets) 
• Geographical map information for road speeds and restrictions  
• Unloading time / general or set for each client
• Logical territories
• Custom Skills for client preferences, driver and vehicle capabilities 
• Historical traffic data  

RoutePlan can do the following, and much more:

Building new routes with 500 stops in 1 minute.
Resequencing existing routes with 100 stops in 3 seconds.
Dealing with big requests 20,000 stops with 250 vehicles in a single request.

Be a more effective delivery planner and without the busy work.