What's New in Xfleet Logistics Platform

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Organize, optimize and manage your data easily with a variety of integrated tools.

The next-gen logistics and fleet management platform is composed of many interlocking products housed within a single browser-based 'platform' interface. 

Different combinations of products and features are possible, depending on your unique account permissions and your product subscription.

This help system provides information covering the full set of these products. However, it is unlikely that your account includes every feature described in this guide. If you encounter a feature or option not included in your account, please contact support for more information about purchasing and/or subscription.

RoutePlan Map Improvement

What's changed?

Added 1 more routing services to work simultaneously with Xfleet Maps and Google Maps will result in:

  • Faster and Better search capabilities when looking for specific clients, jobs, depots or other locations
  • Improved accuracy of addresses with greater precision of address locations giving you better, more actionable data for your operations.
  • Improved accuracy of clients and trip details on your reports; driving better business intelligence and superior analytics
  • Support for alphanumeric street number searches on the map