Xfleet Tips: Balanced Workload

How much clarity do you have into your drivers daily workload? If you answered “not a lot,” you’re not alone. In fact, 1 in 4 business say they either have no process in place or rely on “gut feel” to distribute work. As a result, a whopping 80% of employees report feeling overworked and close to burning out. 

Balanced Workload management gives you the possibility to balance team workloads with just a few clicks. Also you get a window into your team’s daily routes, so you can make sure your team isn’t in that 80% and help them achieve balance—instead of burnout.

So how do you get started with Workload management? If you use Xfleet, you already have - Workload is available to all Premium and Business Xfleet customers. With Workload, you can visualize how much your team has on their plate and easily rebalance work when needed.

If you notice a driver has too much on his plate, you can quickly take action and reassign JOB from within the Workload tab. Click the icon to open the drill down view, then drag and drop JOB to reassign to another driver. You can also rebalance due dates and Balanced to make sure no one burns out.

💡Tip: Make sure you set correctly start hour and maximum route duration so you have an accurate view of how much time a given job will take.

Prevent burnout with Workload

Workload management is a critical part of promoting balance for your team. When you have a clear insight into your team’s work across all of your different projects and initiatives, you can best rebalance work and shift priorities to support your team. Use Workload as a tableboard to understand your team capacity.

If you’re an Xfleet Business customer, log in to Xfleet to try Workload today. Or, to learn more, sign up for a free Business trial.