Xfleet vs Competitors

Head to head features and industry comparison 

If you’re thinking about kickstarting your own online business, you’re probably knee-deep in research. It’s so easy to get absorbed in the ocean of tools and software geared towards Telematics and supply chain optimizations infrastructure for entrepreneurs. Many of these focus on routes and dispatch while others provide tracking  tools, automation and integrations features, and/or helpdesk functionality.

In light of that, we’re exploring few tools that will help you adopt a truly holistic approach when building your online business.

Most of these tools are SaaS (Software as a Service) applications empower you to create an account and launch a website where you can sell your online features and services. Additionally, they come with analytics and helpdesk features too!

These platforms are all-in-one, allowing you to handle your entire business from a single dashboard. That being said, there’s one significant difference between Xfleet and other industry projects that we need to acknowledge before we put them against each other in a review.

Xfleet allows you to sell both digital and physical products (hardware) or integrate with other hardware providers. In contrast, other routing tools is explicitly designed for entrepreneurs wanting to sell only digital features and online support.

Bearing that in mind, obviously isn’t the right choice if you’re looking to kickstart a supply chain optimization platform. In this review, we’re, therefore, keeping a digital focus. 
So, without further ado, let’s take a look at Xfleet vs different tools from various industries.

1. Routes and dispatch 

Xfleet vs. Onfleet

Onfleet helps businesses create routes and daily plans, dispatch drivers and track their smartphones, giving the picture — and they’re pretty good at what they do. But, they’re lacking many critical features, like advanced algorithm constraints for various industries, missing GPS tracking features and hardware integration, the possibility to integrate back and forth with any type of software, and a built-in analytics for custom reports — all of which Xfleet provides. They work with end user (SaaS) not working with resellers, Xfleet is making you their competitor.

Xfleet vs. Routific