Xfleet XLS Importer

Easily import data from spreadsheets and other work tools into Xfleet.

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What is the XLS importer?

Built by Xfleet, the XLS importer makes it easy to move data from tools—such as Excel, Smartsheet, Spreadsheets—into Xfleet so you can get started right away on any project. Once imported, you’ll see your data in Xfleet as tasks in a project.

In addition to task names and descriptions, the CSV importer supports information such as assignee, due dates, start dates, dependencies, followers, and custom fields.

Introducing the new XLS importer

While .xls are often used for project planning, they weren’t designed for collaborating on complex delivery work and managing lots of dynamic informations. But it can feel daunting to try another tool because you don’t want to start all over from scratch. With our new .XLS importer, you can import your spreadsheet right into your Xfleet platform so you can begin managing your Deliveries in a collaborative, flexible tool with just a few clicks.

Xfleet was designed to help you get work done, instead of doing work about work. To keep your flow going speedily, try out these features designed to help you save time.

Import project plans from spreadsheets

Ideally your team moves away from spreadsheet route planning by directly planning in Xfleet, but if you work with other teams that use spreadsheets, you can import them as your Xfleet project with our .csv importer. The importer seamlessly takes your rows and columns and maps them to an Asana project with tasks, assignees, due dates, and more. You can add information from the CSV file into an empty space or adding information to complete your lists (clients, orders, vehicles, drivers).

Following this article you will learn how to import your information from spreadsheets into Xfleet.

You can import Clients, Orders and Vehicles.

  1. Format your spreadsheet
  2. Download your spreadsheet
  3. Uploading your spreadsheet into Xfleet 
  4. Map your data 

In order to import a project from a spreadsheet with custom fields to match all your columns, you’ll need Xfleet Premium, but you can get started with a free trial. This is the fastest way to get your work into Xfleet.

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You can select "download a sample" and this sample will be downloaded to your computer. or simply add your .xls file to Xfleet importer and manually match the columns.