Zones Overview

Using Zones When Assigning Jobs

Jobs are assigned to drivers either by creating RoutePlans or by manually or automatically assigning the jobs to routes. 

When creating RoutePlans, your jobs are automatically assigned to the drivers allocated to the zone in which the job is physically located, respecting your territories constraints and rules.

If a job is physically located outside any of your zones, the job is left unassigned. If a job was previously assigned to a driver, the job is unassigned as part of the process of building the route. We therefore recommend that you ensure all your jobs are assigned to a zone.

When assigning a job to a driver by manually or automatically assigning a job to a route, a violation can occur if the driver does not service the zone that the job is in. In this case simply deactivate zone constraints and press the "play" button to reroute.

Jobs that are not part of any of your zones can be serviced by any of your drivers that are not assigned to a zone. Be aware that subsequently building routes containing these jobs will unassign the jobs from the driver.
If you have overlapping zones, jobs that fall into two zones are assigned to the more recently created zone.

Create a zone for each geographic area where your jobs are located.

💡Tip: you can use zone feature without drowing polygons, just enter the name and allocate manually this new created zone name to the client and to the vehicle or vehicles serving this area. 
However, drawing polygon shape Zones Xfleet can automatically allocate your new clients or orders to this areas.

Use the procedure describe into the short clip to add/edit a single zone. To add several zones at once, use an import file. If you have already created zones and you want to edit double click on the zone and start editing.

Use your mouse to create the polygon-shaped area for the zone on the map. To do this: 
  • Select one of the corners of the zone’s area on the map and click the mouse cursor on this spot. A white small dot appears on the map.
  • Drag the mouse cursor to the next corner of the zone’s area. Click on this spot. Another white dot appears that is connected to the first.
  • Continue adding corners.
  • Complete the zone’s area by clicking on the first corner that you added .This will fill the area in the selected colour.
  • To start again, if you aren’t satisfied with the area, click Edit icon, on the left, and start dragging the white dot, this will change the shape of the polygon. Repeat with others dots that you want to change.
  • Press SAVE to save this changes.

From the ZONES screen press the icon "View All" to see all the zone on one map. If you want to edit one just press on the polygon.


  • Zone Name -  A unique identifier for the zone.
  • Color - The color in which the polygon-shaped area on the map will be displayed. We recommend using a different color for each zone.

Assign one or more vehicles to each zone

Go to Vehicles, edit a vehicle, select zone and add one or more zone to this vehicle. 

Importing and Exporting Zones

If you have a large number of zones, you can choose to import them using a.xls format. You can also export zones created in the zone list, in the same format, for backup purposes.

After import you will have to edit each zone to add the polygon shape if you want to use automatic assign to zone feature.