How the new normal will impact your customers and change logistics sector for good

As work quickly changes, especially amid the COVID-19 outbreak, we aim to understand how logistics productivity is evolving so we and our customers can learn and plan for the future.
In the Last Mile Delivery, in the past seven months the changes were dramatically. Priorities have shifted, teams that once sat together everyday are distributed, and ways of operating are different. As an organization, how do you maintain drivers in alignment and clients informed in this new environment? How do you sustain clarity about what your goals are and how to achieve them?

Engage teams with a sense of purpose

Research shows that when teams have clarity on how they contribute to company objectives, their engagement at work doubles. With Dispatch every team member on every team can see how work contributes to top-level goals, why certain deliveries have been prioritized, and ultimately what impact that routes has on your field force. Team leaders and dispatchers can also recognize the work of individual contributors more easily and help them meet goals more often by course-correcting work before it falls off track. This creates an empowering sense of purpose for teams, motivating them to do their best work so they can achieve more ambitious goals.

Lack of clarity lowers employee engagement

Less than half of all global workers have clarity on how their individual work adds value to their organization. When they do have clarity, their motivation doubles.

What’s getting in the way of real productivity for logistics sector?

Too many meetings. On average, workers spend 167 hours in meetings annually. Nearly two-thirds are unnecessary meetings.

Communication overload. Responding to phones, email and chat is the top reason why one-third of dispatchers regularly stay late at the office to complete work.

Too many tools. Dispatchers use about 10 different apps in their work day. The more apps they use, the more distracted they feel.

Duplication of work. On average, team leaders and dispatchers spend 4.5 hours each week working on something that’s already been done.

The future: smarter tools for delivery management.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Are discovering more effective ways to orchestrate work with tools designed to reduce planning time.

Today, Xfleet is bridging the gap between daily route planning and orders and field impact with our new Dispatch feature. Dispatch is a flexible goal-tracking system that provides delivery team leaders and executives with a single source of truth for setting, sceanrios planning, tracking drivers in real time, and managing company goals on the same platform where field teams are executing work.

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A single fleet management platform can provide increased visibility into routing, dispatching and what’s going on in the field. 

Near real-time data allows you to quickly resequence work when someone is late, call the customer ahead of time and give everyone peace of mind. 

For more tips on using Dispatch and Live Map to drive alignment across your business visit Xfleet Guide

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When teams have clarity on their company’s mission, objectives, and how their work contributes to achieving both, there’s no telling what they can accomplish. See for yourself how optimizing, tracking, and managing deliveries with Dispatch and Live Map can make a difference for your organization. Request a demo or sign up for a free Premium trial to get started today.