How to dispatch external courier resources for same-day-deliveries without an overload of phone calls

Get your goods to the destination on time, every time, and get the real-time visibility you need even when delivering with couriers and 3PL companies.

What is same-day delivery?

As shipping practices change with the times, more and more customers expect to receive their packages on the same day they order them. Same-day delivery expedites the shipping process so that customers can receive their goods almost immediately after purchasing. If you sense that same-day delivery has been growing in popularity, you’re onto something: with large online brands popularizing the service, it is on its way to becoming the industry norm. Same day delivery offers some challenges, but in turn, offers even more benefits for your small business.

How much does same-day delivery cost?

Same-day delivery offers your customers exceptionally fast and responsive services. However, it can be a discouraging option to consider when battling budgets and you don't have your own fleet to deliver. The solution? Partner your business with multiple delivery or courier company — it’s an excellent way to streamline your delivery system and manage costs.  Xfleet integrates global couriers  under one platform so you can compare who is the best for you in any route. This feature will take the headache out of delivery logistics, partnering with you to get your routes optimized and deliveries done, also track external courier delivering in real time. Your customers can track their shipments in real time using the live link you can provide... It won’t be long before you see your conversion rates begin to rise. And don’t be afraid to adjust your pricing accordingly —  say they are willing to pay more for same-day delivery. 

Xfleet Enterprise features:

Controller Dashboard - Manage all deliveries, drivers and vehicles in one place.

Powerful Cloud Algorithms - plan the most efficient routes without the busy work.

Customer login - Track shipments and deliveries in real-time.

Drivers app - easy to use, enhanced design, complete driver tool kit, IOS and Android

Driver Tracking - Real-time tracking of all delivery personnel and vehicles, so you can effectively manage your fleet and improve customer satisfaction.

Capturing contactless proof of delivery & Delivery  for any delivery and collection along with the delivery and collection location. 

Global Carrier Integrations - We can bring global courier provider under one platform, so you can compare and use who is the best for you. If you need a carrier that we don’t integrate with please get in touch.

Easy to use API - integrate seamlessly with all major, ERP, WMS, shopping carts and Ecommerce.

Contact us to find out how you can achieve delivery success and Xfleet Delivery Dispatch Software will help you scale your delivery efforts with tailor made solutions for your business. Whether you have one business or hundreds across the country, Xfleet is your partner in same-day delivery.

Xfleet allows for our customers to grow and scale their delivery options globally with our technology. Get in touch to learn more about the Xfleet Difference.