If you have no data, you cannot manage. Waste monitoring, bin management, custom solutions

Get a clear record of your waste bins/dumpsters/containers

Overview, knowledge and order. We offer an excellent tools for the mapping your containers infrastructure (passportization), allowing easy and quick orientation on the location and trash type, bin type, customer type as well as the owners. This enables users to quickly and accurately locate individual containers, speed up container management operations and communicate with their customers. Perfect and easy solution for smart trash bins.

Get a better overview of the quality of services you provide

The accurate and detailed bin identification greatly simplifies communication with owner/customer. Addressability and quick traceability reduce the response time of customer support. As data related to the bin owner in a Database is only available to authorized personnel only, citizens are protected from the possible misuse of data.

Smart Bin Sticker

The Sticker with QR / bar / numerical code offers access to information via Mobile App and via an RFID reader. The Sticker material is designed for harsh outdoor conditions and the bottom is adhesive. The Sticker is cost-effective and convenient.

Service verification is ensured by RFID features (UHF) and requires an RFID reader. If the reader comes to close proximity with the Sticker, the bin is recognized. You can also retrieve information about the bin from database in Smart Waste Management Software System (identification number, owner information, correct bin location, collection schedule) using the reader.

QR / bar / numerical code offers easy access for the public. Simply scan the code via camera to the Mobile app and you immediately get the available information. It is up to you to decide what bin details are available to the public and what is restricted to logged users.

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  • Visual identification via QR / bar / numerical code
  • Reliable service verification via RFID features (UHF)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • The sticker can be placed by bin owner, no need for equipment
  • More affordable solution
  • Personal data protection via user login (mobile app)
  • Easy access to information for public

  • Does the system have built-in optimization features?
  • Can you plan a route in multiple ways?
  • Can you send routes directly to drivers’ phones and tablets?
  • Can you make changes on the fly and on the road and update drivers through an app?
  • Can you integrate GPS tracking and smart bins RFID data into the map?
  • Can drivers collect signatures, make notes, and take photos?
  • Can drivers/dispatchers see live traffic conditions? How about weather conditions?
  • Can you define multiple personalized constraints for routes and plan in advance?
  • Do you have access to complementary products, like dispatching, vehicle navigation, mobile, and advanced telematics?
  • The solution will solve for current and future business needs?
  • Is the product scalable and secure?

Gain a Competitive Advantage With Data and Technology

 The most promising solutions to reducing the cost of online delivery are those that cluster pickups or provide real-time location information to Operators and citizens.