In the age of cloud, making the last mile work for you

It’s a time of turmoil and innovation in the last mile. With the massive rise in demand for e-commerce, there has never been a more important time to reappraise your last mile strategy.

Cloud is no longer a differentiator - it's a strategic requirement for long term success. But that's all?

Questions to Ask When Considering Your Route Optimization System

  • Does the system have built-in optimization features?
  • Can you plan a route in multiple ways?
  • Can you send routes directly to drivers’ phones and tablets?
  • Can you make changes on the fly and on the road and update drivers through an app?
  • Can you integrate GPS tracking data into the map?
  • Can drivers collect signatures, make notes, and take photos?
  • Can drivers/dispatchers see live traffic conditions? How about weather conditions?
  • Can you define multiple personalized constraints for routes and plan in advance?
  • Do you have access to complementary products, like dispatching, vehicle navigation, mobile, and advanced telematics?
  • The solution will solve for current and future business needs?
  • Is the product scalable and secure?

The changes

Contactless delivery and really keeping the drivers, as well as the customer, safe.

Gain a Competitive Advantage With Data and Technology

 The most promising solutions to reducing the cost of online delivery are those that cluster pickups and deliveries or provide real-time location information to shoppers and carriers.

Investing in innovation key to surviving future pandemic, report shows