Optimizing for a new world of work. Adapt Your Business to Fit the Coronavirus Era

Xfleet.io company’s mission is to help local businesses and communities thrive. It’s those same businesses and communities that are now struggling with the economic downturn the Coronavirus has created. 

In the last months the only thing I heard and saw on the news, everywhere in the world, was how "local businesses are getting crushed".

But there’s still an amazing amount of hope out there. Small business owners are resilient, creative, and courageous – and this was seen in the last months! Below, you’ll find some of their advice, small business owners to small business owners, to help you brainstorm ways to make it through this crisis. 

Keep your chin up! You’re smarter, more creative and more tenacious than you know. Try everything you can. Keep the faith. Switch to delivery, plan your work and work your plan. Xfleet will provide 2 month free service for plans up to 10 vehicles, just ask for help. You’re not alone!

Adapt Your Business to Fit the Coronavirus Era.  

Communicate with customers, and offer safe and easy curbside delivery or pickup service. Stay current on social media and marketing, no matter how low sales are. Stay relevant! 
Let your customers know they can pre-order over the phone and drop by for pickup outside your business or directly to their places. If you’re a restaurant,  get your food orders delivered to your customers using just Xfleet.io platform. Create weekly or monthly subscriptions and Xfleet will help with order management, driver dispatch, proof of delivery, ratings and many more. Also you will cut delivery costs with at least 40% planning your routes more efficient and without the busy work. 

Get Strict Control of Your Finances

Take any bills that are on auto-pay off auto-pay so you have strict control over cash flow. Xfleet will help to monitor your delivery fleet expenses and drivers pay-checks. When possible talk with your drivers. Help them as much as possible, even if you can’t pay time off, letting them know you care and even helping them cover food and other needs. Listen to them, they have ideas and some are invaluable.

Stay healthy! Offer free delivery within a comfort zone. Assist customers on the phone or online making selections of products for the entire family.

You’ve got this! One day at a time, get ready, this is not over yet. Try everything you can!

Successful partnerships aren’t just beneficial for the big companies. As a small business, you too can and should reap the benefits of a partnership and also create another revenue stream in no time. Learn here how to do that.

Many of local software companies, in our business sector, sales and order management, IoT, fleet management and GPS tracking have used our tools to integrate with their own apps and platforms increasing their market values with end to end solutions.