Smart partnership increase small software business growth and make the entire globe seems reachable.


Big software companies have been developing strategic partnerships for years. Why? Business growth for both. Alliances not only increase revenue, but give businesses a competitive advantage, and exposure to a slew of potential new customers.

Successful partnerships aren’t just beneficial for the big tech. You too can and should reap the benefits of a simple cloud partnership, get more revenue and visibility for your company and close other deals faster. If you consider developing a partnership with Xfleet read this article bellow.

1. Reseller Partnership

Hint: it’s all about innovation and speed.

It creates smart new products without lifting a finger. Also this is a classic scenario – if you have one app, you’re going to need the other.

Exercise: You are a software business owner and you think about a product from your suite that your customers can use in this period. Now think about a local delivery business whose needs would be enhanced if they had access to this product, or would enhance your own product if coupled together with Xfleet Platform.

Reselling partnering comes with a different cost of advantages as it offers an opportunity to explore new markets. 

One experience is made better with the other, exemplifying a “complementary relationship” that drives incremental sales for both companies.

It's one powerful marketing & developing program:

  • Join a rewards program as unique as your business
  • Build your own customer database
  • Connect with your customers, automatically

2. Product Integrator Partnership

Hint: Create a ‘one-stop-shop’ experience for customers.

Integrations are successful when they save time, improve efficiency, and provide a familiar workflow for users –– all key ingredients in creating a seamless experience for customers.

We are introducing Xfleet API Management connectors as a way to quickly publish Xfleet API Management backed APIs to the Delivery Platform for easy discovery and consumption, dramatically reducing the time it takes to create apps connecting to our services.

Selecting a technology partner can be hard, and you never want to invest in something that you instantly are worried about from the beginning. Give yourself the best opportunity to be satisfied not only today but in the future choosing and end-to-end logistics platform.

If you’d like to be launch one of these partnerships, or need more details, reach out to me at