Xfleet Telematics System Buyer's Guide. Greater visibility and control within reach.

Xfleet Telematics will give you a 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations, so you can help reduce costs, increase productivity, stay on top of vehicle maintenance, and make the most of every business day.

See the status and activity of all your fleet vehicles.

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What is telematics?

A TELEMATICS solution is a method of collecting information relating to mobile assets (car, truck, heavy equipment, or even ships) by using GPS and onboard diagnostics and showing results and movements using a computerized map or integrated Analytics reports.

If you’re running a company with a fleet of vehicles, it’s important to ensure that the vehicles are being used responsibly. Although location tracking devices are common in fleet vehicles, managers don’t always have time to review every vehicle’s location logs.
Telematics It’s more than just location reporting and can alert you when a driver is speeding, let you know when a vehicle is not where it should be, update you on idling status and allow you to guide or send route-change alerts to drivers.

Our GPS fleet tracking mobile app allows you to take your business wherever you go. View vehicles and assets on a live map, locate a driver, see vehicle activity and route history, and receive alerts on driver behaviours.

Manage your fleet on the go

Xfleet Telematics includes the following: 

1. The ability to track your own equipments - by integrating with your GPS supplier

2. Track our mobile apps installed on your drivers iOS or Android smartphones and tablets

Xfleet's API can integrate with your existing platforms from your actual GPS supplier significantly lowering IT costs and initial investment for  fleets. Also, if don't have a GPS supplier and you don't want to invest in hardware, you can track informations from your driver's smartphones or tablets, both iOS or Android, just by downloading our apps. Benefits include zero hardware costs,  zero installing costs and no-time user adoption.

3. Xfleet Advanced GPS Tracking is fully integrated in our Delivery Management System platform giving you complete access to route optimization and field dispatch features. Also can integrate, back and forth, with your existing technology systems, including ERP, WMS, fleet tracking and other software (e.g. billing, maintenance).

4. A cloud solution, reliable, accommodating, intuitive and easy to use anytime and from anywhere with incorporated native mobile apps.

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