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The rapid spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19 irregardless of borders impacted our societies, markets and industries. It is hard to predict the outcomes of the Coronavirus impact, but there’s one conclusion the industry can already predict - customers' behaviour will change and supply chain players have to prepare for that change today and businesses need to re-evaluate their models, the resilience of their supply chain and how to stay connected with clients.

Even before the Covid 19 the competition was brutal but now you’ve got to deliver more accurately and faster than ever – and do it with less to make a profit – or lose customers to the competition. From the first mile to the last, we can help with workflow solutions built specifically for your industry.
Xfleet Delivery Management System and field workflow solutions equip you to increase service quality, productivity and asset utilization. That'll give a nice boost to your bottom line while helping you build a happy, loyal customer base.

At this moment we can highlight three major events for last mile delivery operations:

1. Unbalanced demand

Unbalance in demand and offer requires businesses to have digital flexibility and “on-demand operations”, as well as automated systems which help to easily onboard drivers, and adjust their capacity and load in real-time.

2. Exponential growth in home deliveries

This unprecedented spike seen in home orders caused delays in the deliveries while companies adapt their supply chains and last mile operations, with news of European retailers scheduling deliveries up to two weeks.
Growth in home deliveries creates opportunities for e-commerce and carriers, but only if businesses will be able to quickly incorporate delivery scheduling systems, automated optimization of routing and real-time integrations between stock and delivery management systems.

3. Delivery experience is priority for retailers and carriers

Logistics providers of all kinds can emerge from this pandemic with stronger operations and a greater knowledge of their clients needs and expectations. To have a real business impact, the level of customer satisfaction needs to be kept after the situation is normalised - that isn’t possible without a proper monitoring, feedback and communication system.

Xfleet Cloud end-to-end Last Mile Delivery Management Software 

With over ten years experience in Delivery Management and algorithms, our platform is offering all features needed for companies dealing with the issues in the last mile, it is a prudent investment to prepare for economical challenges and differentiate from competition due to subscription policy without any payments in advance. After 14 days free trial you only pay what you use, based on the number of active vehicles used per day calculated for every month. 

Achieve cost optimisation now
Round & vehicle consolidation is key to keep up with the bigger volume and to properly allocate parcels and vehicles, guaranteeing that vans are not running empty. At the same time, route optimisation ensures that different vans don’t pass in the same street on the same day, hence reducing the number of vehicles, drivers and time needed to deliver.

Ensure full control over your operations
Visibility over the entire process anticipates any issue and allows for quick and flexible solutions, such as reallocating rounds, adding or removing stops and communicating with drivers and clients. Make sure to use advanced (all-in-one) software to automate route optimisation, have near real-time visibility over the tasks and potential issues as well as to control customer experience

Respond to high volumes
The unusual volumes can disrupt your operations if your delivery volumes are not managed by a flexible software, capable of integrating variables (from traffic conditions package weight to van capacity, and even the time a driver might need to deliver) and still connect with your warehouse systems.

Deliver value

It is true that the new coronavirus pandemic is imposing on companies a nouvel situation. It’s likely that consumers will come out of this period with a new level of expectations. They will demand not only faster, but more flexible, more transparent and greener deliveries. With software allowing for real-time tracking and optimisation, follow up of deliveries, and real-time contact with drivers there’s an opportunity for a fast adaptation to the new level of clients expectations.

We see how the unexpected COVID-19 outbreak is pressuring the last mile sector, and how companies' real-time response to those issues differentiates those who will emerge stronger from those just standing by. Those who adapt immediately manage not only to keep their customer base satisfied but also to stay ahead of competition.

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