Xfleet understands the need to stay connected with your delivery field force, especially in
this difficult times, and provides 2 month free software for small companies.

Delivery Management System

Deliver more in less time

Automate your logistics with end-to-end platform for routing and loading and uncover new ways to solve inneficiencies and save money.
  • Cut down route planning time by 98%
  • Maximize fleet capacity with 45% shorter routes
  • Provide clients real time updates
  • Track and communicate with driver in the field
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Tracking &

Safer & Smarter Fleets

Whether your drivers are parked or on the move, get their precise, mapped location with Xfleet. This can help with proof of delivery and allows you to monitor working-time guidelines compliance.
  • See driver and vehicle location in near real-time
  • Track driver behavior like speeding, idling and harsh driving
  • Reduce costs for vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption
  • Improve dispatch, routing and visibility
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Our Clients

Introducing Xfleet AI Roadcam

Driver Behavior Learning Platform

Anticipate events before they happen to help prevent incidents, minimize repair & maintenance costs, and reduce claims.
  • Save lives
  • Save money
  • Protect your drivers and brand
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Connects you, your drivers and your clients. 

Plan, run, and track remote work in one flexible platform to gain unprecedented visibility into your assets, vehicles, drivers and clients from your supply chain


Collaborate anywhere, anytime
Keep up to the plan


Keep your teams in alignment
Collaborate, manage and track


Get live updates and informations
Eliminate all calls and errors