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Do you need to add more software features to your telematics solution? 

We offer entrepreneurs and companies an advanced delivery management suite that creates tactical plans for deliveries and pickups and optimizes all logistics operations, everything in one rock-solid cloud platform. 
It incorporates a wide range of business requirements and it integrates seamlessly with your telematic solutions, to support dispatch, execution and to improve communication for field teams.

The result? Lower costs and higher service levels resulting in a fast ROI for your clients. Your business can now go global. No code required, learn more.

All-in-one Last Mile Platform

Routing & Loading, faster and effortless

Let the algorithm do the work! No matter how complex your setup might be, Xfleet generates the most cost-effective routes, eliminating manual processes.

  • Cut down route planning time by 99%
  • Maximize fleet capacity with 45% shorter routes
  • Provide clients better ETA communication
  • Bring order to chaos
  • Help the field team
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delivery management

Advanced GPS fleet tracking

Work with any team, integrate any hardware

Work with internally or externally drivers, map activity with hardwired GPS or smartphones, keep your teams organized.

  • Reduce unauthorised use with vehicle live location and activity
  • Improve behaviour with alerts for speeding, idling, harsh driving
  • Reduce costs for vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption
  • Improve dispatch, routing and visibility
  • Monitor safety improvements
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Learn, Manage, Grow

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Xfleet Analytics
& Insights

'Smart' doesn't work in isolation - Integrated Analytics for everything 

Integrates data across the supply chain, uniting silos to create a digital twin of your delivery network

  • Understand interdependencies like never before
  • Optimize operational decisions in real time
  • Understand your clients on a deeper level
  • Fine tune your processes
  • Share insights across your team
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Enable Multi-Enterprise Collaboration and Digital Transformation

 Xfleet unifies all systems, internal and external, providing one end-to-end platform, while eliminating redundant tasks and automating business processes. Get more out of your legacy systems, ERP, WMS, TMS, GPS, reporting systems, and more. See everything, from every system, person and organization you do business with in one place. 
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Eliminates the headache of
fragmented, disparate data silos.


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Powerful solutions, together on one platform.

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Powerful solutions, together on one platform.

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