The world has shifted but the expectations haven't. Despite disruptions, enterprises are still being tasked to be more productive and efficient while cutting costs. Partnering with Xfleet means spending less time developing or maintaining complex logistics or GPS tracking solutions, having more time to focus on core customers and creating new revenue channels. No code required, learn more.

Delivery management suite

Digital transformation for retailers and couriers is no longer optional. It's oxygen.

Let the algorithm do all the work! No matter how complex your delivery setup might be, Xfleet generates the most cost-effective routes to help your business get more done and adapt along the way.

  • Cut down route planning time by 98%
  • Maximize fleet capacity with 45% shorter routes
  • Provide better ETA communication to your customers
  • Improve customer service with contactless delivery
  • Track and communicate with driver in the field
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delivery management

Advanced GPS fleet tracking

Get a singular view of distribution

Xfleet is using connected software and hardware solutions to determine the current and previous locations of packages, vehicles and assets, with needlepoint precision.
  • Improve dispatch, routing and visibility
  • Reduce unauthorised use with vehicle live location and activity
  • Improve behaviour with alerts for speeding, idling, harsh driving
  • Reduce costs for vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption
  • Monitor safety improvements with configurable dashboards
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Our Clients

Intersnack Romania
Frozen Bakery Trans

Xfleet Analytics
& Insights

Analyze data as it happens

Use a single platform that integrates delivery optimizations and fleet tracking, so you can act on business insights faster.

  • Build a complete picture
  • Gain more control over your activity
  • Understand your clients and routes on a deeper level
  • Fine tune your processes
  • Share insights across your team
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The future 
is connected 

Xfleet connects you, your customers and your drivers

Featuring linked software and hardware solutions, Xfleet measures, optimizes and automates logistics operations, bringing your teams together under one secure and centralized delivery management platform.
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Access to more data
More Time for Customers


Attract & Retain Drivers
Ship Faster with Better Service


Get live updates and informations
Eliminate all calls and errors

Powerful solutions, together on one platform.

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Powerful solutions, together on one platform.

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