Provide features for fleet tracking and management, dispatch vehicles and optimize driving routes.
Monitor shipping status and provide real time visibility into deliveries. Monitor and optimize fuel consumption.
Set custom alerts for your drivers based on speeding, idling, harsh braking, and more, to improve their driving habits

See important trends by team, department or across the entire fleet with customizable dashboards
One size does not fit all. Explore which option is right for you.

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A fully-integrated, intelligent and simple solution that enables you to improve field processes, to help drivers and technicians while enhancing customer satisfaction. 
It seamlessly integrates with Xfleet Driver and provides functions and resources, including geocoding clients, access daily tasks and orders, exchange files, and more.

Increased efficiency

Provide features for fleet tracking and management, dispatch vehicles and optimize driving routes.

Simplified dispatch

Support transportation modes such as parcel, LTL and TL. Provide vehicles, internal and external, tracking with telematics and smartphones.

Improved visibility

Monitor shipping status and provide real time visibility into deliveries. Monitor and optimize fuel consumption.

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Your Business, Your Way

Get collaboration, visibility, and expand your network using the systems you have in place today.


Integrate Xfleet Maps

Get accurate, reliable map data and APIs, backed by  a decade of experience serving the needs of fleet management and logistics software companies.


One enterprise tracking system to help your business achieve operational control. Large enterprise fleets have unique needs for field service management solutions. See how Xfleet can help service providers manage mobile workers, work orders, routing and customer requests with an enterprise field service solution.

Enterprise tracking systems optimize driver’s time and their jobs

Enterprise fleet tracking software can improve worker safety with driver coaching and scorecards, optimize job scheduling for increased productivity, and make smarter, faster dispatching decisions. Xfleet can provide digital proof of service and process work orders, track harsh driving behaviors and seat belt use and verify labor hours and track overtime expenses.

Enterprise fleet tracking connects your technology and resources

Integrate your enterprise fleet and workforce platform with other technology your business has invested in. Ensure your staff, drivers and fleet managers can work on the go with mobile apps or our use APIs to connect existing technology. 

Enterprise fleet management for vehicles

Our enterprise tracking system allows companies to provide near real-time vehicle and asset tracking, status, and visibility to your back office, improve operations with route optimization and dispatch, manage vehicle and asset maintenance, connect other tracking platforms.

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There are many steps to a smoothly operating fleet tracking solution, all the way from installation of vehicle tracking devices and sensors to the setup of alerts, reports or customize and integrate the Delivery Management Platform and mobile apps with clients solutions. Sometimes it can be a challenge troubleshooting particular vehicle tracking issues. Our FAQs and guide series below cover most common questions around setup, and common issues seen during day to day operations.



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Get in touch with our customer support team for real-time issue resolution - a phone call to your Customer Support representative should set you on the right path, or failing that, get in touch with us below and we’ll work to try and resolve your issues as quickly as we can.



To get the efficiency, productivity and safer driving benefits you need the right hardware. 
Rather than push specific devices or insist to replace existing hardware, Xfleet allows you to integrate with any hardware, depending on the specific requirements for what data you need to collect.

Plug and play hardware

This small device plugs into the vehicle’s OBD-II port. Will give you possibility to read OEM parameters (PIDs) via OBD port. With this device, you will be able to read Real Odometer and Real Fuel Level data.

Smartphone / Tablet

Work faster, smarter and better with our software on your mobile devices. Boost productivity, efficiency and safety without blowing your hardware budget.Our software runs on Apple and Android operating systems, so they can remain comfortable and familiar on the smartphones they already use.

Hardware with wire installation

These GPS tracking devices are wired in to the vehicle, often in a hidden location. In most cases, installation is straightforward and your vehicles are back on the road in no time.
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Xfleet GPS. Fleet tracking & management apps

Manage your fleet anytime, anywhere

Take your fleet management system with you wherever you go. Streamline fleet operations, easily communicate with drivers and respond quickly to changing job requests.

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Product Overview

Integrated platform

End-to-end connected intelligence platform combine delivery management software, mobile apps and advanced GPS monitoring to enhance your operational efficiency and data sharing.

Cloud SAAS

Web-based software, comprised of multiple microservices, offers significant savings on IT and hardware costs and gives your mobile workforce and remote teams easy access to critical data, alerts and reports.


We offer different hardware solutions, from tracking mobile apps to no installation plug and play devices and to really advanced CAN and tachometer solutions, everything for effortless and flexible on-boarding.

API integration

Open and robust API connections can be easily integrated into any IT environment and resource you're already using and we fully support agile product implementations.

Custom hierarchies

Create custom user access and security level to meet the of your organisation or add users to access groups  (drivers, dispatchers, managers, etc) previously created. 

Time zones

Build a global team that can actually collaborate with each other. Route optimization, clients ETAs or tracked assets can be tagged to specific time zones for accurate planning and reporting.

Custom fields / tags

Because every team is different, you may need to track information that’s unique to your project, process, or organization. You can now configure your projects to track exactly what matters to you.

Customized GIS Data

Define personalized tactical information like geofences, zones and access points. Get valuable map insights with bird's eye view and satellite images. 

Fleet tracking & visibility

Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use and vehicle misuse, verify all work related activity and manage your large fleet workforce easily from the office or in the field via Xfleet GPS app.

Animated activity replay

Replay your vehicles daily activity with routes, arrival and departures times, etc, to improve your deliveries and schedules and to get hard evidence in case of damages or accidents.

Fleet health & diagnostics

Receive engine diagnostic trouble codes and set alerts for maintenance by vehicle. Help reduce vehicle downtime, improve emissions, and track odometer readings or hours of use.

Animated vehicle history

Replay historical trips to identify route taken, unscheduled stops, detours and vehicle timeline.

Immediate notifications

Identify areas of opportunity for productivity improvement with useful reports and tools.

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