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Discover powerful Route Planning solution for the waste industry powered by Xfleet

Xfleet Route Planning solution enables you to optimize and automate planning of waste collection routes. It combines the Smart Waste Management System, Driver Navigation App and it can incorporate data from Smart Sensors and/or Smart Tags.

Our Route Planning enables to automate the management of the waste collection routes, based on precise pre-defined data regarding waste collection vehicles, depots, and landfills/ incineration sides. The aim is that every single waste collection route is planned to maximize the utilization of your resources (fleet, FTEs, time) and to minimize the costs needed to perform the job.

The Introduction of the Route Planning solution results in fewer kilometres driven per kilogram of collected waste and the full utilization of vehicle capacity and time. More efficient routes help minimize the negative impacts of waste collection in the city with less noise pollution, less air pollution and fewer traffic congestions.

Reduce costs  /  Optimize routes on-demand & fixed  /  Maximize the use of resources


01 Deep efficiency analysis

02 Plan collection routes automatically

03 Plan fixed or on-demand routes

04 Optimization of collection routes, frequencies and vehicle loads

05 Optimize the use of resources (fleet, FTEs, time)

06 Calculate collection costs, time and distance

07 Navigate drivers via mobile app

08 Track collection vehicles on the road

Platform for Operators with full remote control

Your waste infrastructure is digitalized in the Smart Waste Management Software System, Xfleet powerful software cloud platform based on Amazon Redshift. Operators schedule all routes in the Smart Waste Management Software System.

You benefit from predictions on filling cycles

Operators can track ongoing routes vs. the plan live. The platform calculates statistics for each route – total costs, cost per cubic meter, cost per kilogram, duration of the route, driven distance, total volume collected, total weight collected. All data flow back to Collection Efficiency Analysis to run a continuous efficiency analysis.