Automation for field service dispatch that reduces time-wasting

Bringing together simplicity, efficiency,  and automation the platform reduces the chaos, complexity, and expense of running a home service business.

Dispatch Software Designed for Field Service Contractors

Xfleet’s Dynamic Dispatcher, which is part of the Admin Calendar, automatically assigns the right technician based on capability, availability, and priority. This improves the overall efficiency of scheduling jobs while freeing up employees to spend their time on other aspects of helping manage your business.

The Admin Calendar also makes it easy to view schedules, manually assign or change jobs, check the status of your techs and field teams, and track all aspects of a work order.

Finding the most efficient day deals with many variables, including:

  • Delivery time windows
  • Skills and car details
  • Zones and locations
  • Roads constraints and limitations
  • Traffic congestions
  • Client schedule and preferences

You may not have access to dedicated daily planners, or the time to learn how. With our Smart Calendar - Kanban optimisation software you don’t need to. Is designed to be quick to learn and easy to use, with a visual drag-and-drop interface that makes powerful route planning software accessible to everyone.

Prioritize high-profit jobs and effortlessly dispatch technicians, saving you valuable time and money, unlike any other Field Service Management software.

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Fleet and field team
Clients and dispatch orders
Smart zones and allocation
Kanban - Calendar dispatch
GPS integration
Driver mobile apps with communications
Analytics and Data Cloud 

Growing your memberships and clients list is also easy as techs easily create quotes that show the difference between member pricing and non-member pricing. Customers immediately see the cost saving and how the membership pays for itself.

Fixed costs are ones that recur in the same amount regularly. 

Start building up a customer list of phone numbers and emails to message more of your customers directly

Building a large database of customer emails and phone numbers is critical to driving more direct orders, 

Live map and Dashboard and Calendar shows how your drivers are progressing highlighting any deviations from the plan so you can see what’s not working and why.

  • View and edit routes for a specific day
  • Add new jobs to a specific route or edit existing jobs
  • Automatically assign an optimized job to a route
  • Reoptimize a single route or selected set of routes

By planning your techs, you can save on fuel costs, boost overall profits, and provide better ETAs and customer service. Optimized routes can help you schedule your deliveries in a logical order, so you can make more efficient use of your vehicles, assets and crew.

The goal is for your drivers to be able to do more work with fewer resources, in fewer miles.

Dispatch jobs directly to drivers and allow them to set job status, collect signatures, photos and notes while at the job site – all from the Xfleet Driver app.

Xfleet understands the need to cut your cost and to stay connected with your drivers, especially in this difficult times, and provides 2 month free software for small companies. Contact our sales team to learn more or get started with our platform.