Key Features

Overview & Pricing features
Features included in each plan and scalability, support, customization. Xfleet integration with other systems

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Routes & Algorithms
Various algorithms are employed to solve the complex problem of determining optimal routes (xVRP engine)

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GPS tracking & IoT framework
Track and manage all aspects of your fleet footprint, various IoT sensors, and more in one place.

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Analytics Data Cloud
Everything is easier in the Data Cloud. Xfleet delivers ease of use, instant elasticity and lower TCO.

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Maps & Location intelligence
Map data and tools for enterprises, to build better with more accuracy, flexibility and control.

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Kanban Software
The Kanban Logistics software to handle any workflow and manage all tasks and workflows in one place

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Calendar & Timeline Gantt
Prioritize tasks and balance demands according to capacity using a visual and flexible platform.

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Forms, Docs & Files
Collect and manage informations in one place and add context to your tasks by uploading any file type.

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Integrations & Marketplace
Connect with the tools and sensor you rely on every day to extend the capabilities of Xfleet I/O platform.

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Startup link startup
Startup link startup by is a platform for sharing knowledge, experience and insights from one startup to another.

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