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Perform real-time and big data analysis of IoT sensors
Calculate travel costs by time and distance and choose directions based on organizational requirements or vehicle limitations
Identify the optimum site to maximize profit and minimize customer travel

Analysis and processing over space and time on your stored data.


Map, Manage, Grow

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Supply chain

Mapping is crucial for optimizing routes, managing inventory, and streamlining supply chain operations. Businesses can reduce transportation costs, improve delivery times, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.


Route Optimization

Identify the most efficient routes for transportation between your clients and local centers.

Location Planning

Analyze the geographical distribution of suppliers and vendors.

Optimize the network

Analyze demand patterns across different geographic regions.

What is location intelligence?



Location intelligence is the insight gained from visualizing and analyzing geospatial data. Layering location specific data on a smart map or dashboard reveals unique insights.


Understanding and planing

Organizations use location intelligence to better understand where and why things are happening and plan what to do next.


We create solutions for companies that seek to improve their business processes with a geospatial application.

Map applications

Visualize, manage, and analyze your data using interactive maps


Combine data from different sources

Understand your data better and get more information out of them with maps based on Open Street Maps

Monitor and manage your assets

Provide near real-time vehicle and asset tracking, status, and visibility. 

Cloud platform for spatial data


Cloud data storage and mapping

  • Data storage.
  • Geospatial databases.
  • SQL queries on spatial data.
  • Xfleet Location Service for mapping and geolocation.


API integration capabilities

  • Geocoding, routing, and mapping APIs.
  • Customizable maps and visualizations.
  • Integration with IoT and tracking solutions.


Create queries and analyze data in a geospatial context to gain additional perspectives and reveal new patterns

Perform real-time and big data analysis

Reveal relationships, identify prime locations, use optimal routes, and analyze patterns to make predictions. 

AI Advantage

Identifying areas with high or low levels of activity or events with the distribution of incidents.


IoT analysis

Perform geofencing, summarize observations, analyze pattern and detect incidents
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Cut costs

Track driver performance to monitor fuel consumption and help keep fuel costs down.

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Types of dynamic visualizations on Xfleet Maps

Point Maps

Show locations of specific events, markers, or points of interest.

Choropleth Maps

Visualize regional areas and color-coded custom poligons to analyze data.


Highlight areas with high or low concentrations of specific events or data.

Animated Time Maps

Show changes and understand data evolution over time to reveal patterns

Cluster Maps

Group nearby data points into clusters for better visualization. Visualize dense datasets with many overlapping points and zoom in to see individual points as needed.

Interactive Legends

Use legends to interpret map colors or symbols for better understanding of data categories or ranges.

Map filters

Interactively filter data based on categories or criteria.

Drill-Down Maps

Provide a high-level overview of data and allow users to drill down into specific regions or details.

Layered Maps

Combine multiple data layers and infrastructure layers for a comprehensive view.

Story Maps for GPS

Map with a sequence of events or key points.

Customizable Symbols and Icons

Highlight key features or events on the map with recognizable symbols.

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