A complete Last Mile Delivery Solution with route optimization, dispatch, communication, and analytics platform

Last mile distribution companies face evolving operational challenges every day. Rising customer expectations and the growing influence of online demand, increased technical complexity and competition for customers can put pressure on even the best-run companies, regardless of size.
Today's drivers do more than drive a truck. The level of customer service provided by your transportation services is directly impacted by the way your drivers do their job. Our solution for connected drivers enables 3PL carriers and internal fleets to boost driver performance so you can improve your entire transportation operation and deliver a five star customer experience.

Stay connected with your field force to overcome challenges

In an “always connected” world, dispatch operations rely on dynamic real-time management via location and status tracking of their field technicians. Why? Because it’s essential to their ability to respond to customer orders on the fly or to quickly navigate capacity and resource issues. 

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From trip records and job completion status reports to compliance reports and alerts, Xfleet will enhance your field service team's end of day process performance and data visibility.

Attract & Retain Drivers
A better experience attracts and retains drivers in this challenging labor market.  Intuitive software makes it easy to train new drivers and appeals to millennials accustomed to smart phone use.

Ship Faster with Higher Levels of Service
Access to more data sooner reduces shipment transit times while enabling you to reliably deliver the increasing levels of service demanded by your customers.

Safety and Compliance
Keep your fleet in compliance with the latest regulations, including the ELD mandate for driver hours of service. Available with unified workflow so drivers can use one integrated system for all their apps.


One System for Drivers

Replace paper and disjointed systems with one integrated software built to simplify the driver's job. Streamline driver workflow and guide each step of the process without buying expensive hardware. Drivers have access to the latest data on customer delivery windows, expedited shipments, special handling needs, or shipment delivery notes to consistently deliver the right level of service.   

More Time for Customers
Connect drivers to your systems so they spend less time reporting status and calling for information.    Automatic driver and shipment status updates provide real-time information so drivers can focus on customers, yet provide full visibility to dispatchers and customers.

Exceptions Handled
Capture signatures, delivery time/location and photos  to avoid delivery disputes.  When delivery exceptions do occur, drivers are equipped to deal with them on the spot by handling damages, shortages and returns in the system -- not on paper.

Faster Delivery 
Faster delivery starts with the pickup process.  Notify drivers of pickup requests and times as soon as shippers notify you. The driver can scan shipments into the system at pickup time so you get the detail earlier needed to route shipments to their destination sooner.

Safety first
Xfleet Driver app adds an extra layer of safety, no matter the location, by providing check-ins for non-emergency situations, and easy communication if an emergency situation occurs. It allows companies to put procedures in place that greatly increase the safety of their drivers. 

Xfleet helps orchestrate the most efficient movement of your trucks and technicians providing the latest mobile technology and software solutions. Our solutions improve productivity, workplace safety and asset performance for our customers across the globe.

Is your team equipped and connected to do their best? Find out more about Xfleet Driver app.