How it works

First, we work with you to identify top constraints and rules for your delivery network. Then, we map out the logistics of delivering goods from your centers to your customers. Our team take care of everything else, importing your data, training and adjusting.
delivery management
Easy optimize, adjust constraints and re-optimize to get even better results. Our algorithm takes into account all of the guidelines and rules important to your business, and generates the most cost-effective routes.
delivery management
Plan in virtual world but execute in real world. Re-plan faster, help drivers achieve and meet new demands.
delivery management
Visibility into Every Movement with automatic ETA recalculation for better decisions. 
delivery management
Better agility and good collaboration.
delivery management
Bring it all together. See your business at a glance with a personalized dashboard and powerful visualizations to make smarter, faster decisions.
delivery management

Learn, Manage, Grow

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Simplify and automate your delivery process

Optimize your routes. Adjust constraints and reoptimize. Choosing the best route is critical to your drivers making deliveries on time. Xfleet can help you change and adapt along the way. Build, move, resequence and get even more improvements.

Flexible constraints

Optimizations with flexible and soft constraints can adapt your business to the seasonal fluctuations, to ups and downs, to minimize wasted time and maximize productivity.

Limitless creativity

Easily build optimized routes that listen to the needs of your business to not only save miles and reduce travel time but also boost available resources, customer service and increase driver efficiency.

Unified microservices

Using unified microservices and state of art architecture servers to quickly find the best way for your fleet and drivers to deliver all orders, no matter how complex your setup might be.

Xfleet Algorithm Working With Billions of Operations per Second

Massive performance

Xfleet RouteCloud is a super fast route optimization cloud engine, ahead of its time. Using a fraction of the power can do the following:
Building new routes with 1000 stops in 3 minutes, resequencing existing routes with 100 stops in 60 seconds and dealing with big requests 40,000 stops with 400 vehicles in a single request.

Help different industries

Xfleet allows companies to work with specific resources and constraints. We serve this fields needs: Food and Beverage, Retail, Courier, Pharma, Long Haul and Carriers, Field Technicians, Waste Management, Oil and Gas.

Reduce fuel costs

Cut wasted time, extends the use of the vehicle and help your fleet use less fuel overall by ensuring vehicles take the routes with the shortest distances.

Right-Size the Fleet

Take into account traffic, weight, weather, road conditions, tight delivery window times, driver’s HOS, vehicle size and capabilities, to optimize the fleet size, and vehicle correct allocation.

Meet Delivery Windows

Tune the route optimization to pay more attention to your customer needs and satisfaction by meeting specific service windows for each delivery and also reducing late arrivals. 

Balance daily load

RouteCloud will take into account all tasks and all the requirements from your business and plan the predefined number of equally-sized routes, with a similar or the same number of stops and weight.

Improve territories

When your business covers huge area you need to create logical territories that are customized to your business, and take into account your available resources and the needs of your customers.

Help the environment

Our software shortens delivery routes by an average of 20%, lowering congestion in major urban areas, and helping delivery fleets reduce their fuel consumption and time spent on the road.

One shared network environment designed specifically for the supply chain


Work Together Integration Hub

With Xfleet’s Integration Hub you can instantaneously invite your drivers, customers and entire network of carriers to Xfleet to view their routes and informations directly from the track window, providing collaboration within the context of the route itself. 


Multi-Enterprise Collaborative Tools

Xfleet connects your entire supply chain network with 3rd party cloud software, GPS tracking and mobile applications. See everything, from every system, person and organization you do business with in one place. Learn more.

Be a more effective
delivery-route planner

Control your workflow. From creative route planning to dispatch drivers, to customer notifications and reviews, everything your team needs is built right in.

Help drivers stay on track

The best route planning accounts for the unpredictable nature of doing business in a constantly changing environment. 

Show progres in real time

Get the fleet management data you need to act quickly with near live GPS vehicle tracking. Receive instant alerts to help improve driver safety, notify customers of technician delays, strengthen security, cut costs and change unwanted driver behaviours.

Emergency dispatch

When something comes up suddenly you need to know right away which driver to dispatch based on who’s the closest, and who has the right skills and the right vehicle.

See who’s doing 
what and when

How many tasks are still in progress? Which team member has too much on their plate? Using Xfleet, you can follow the status of your team's deliveries in different ways: with a quick overview on live maps, with customized dashboards, or even a pre-defined report.

Plan vs Actual

Know how drivers are performing with visual map vs. actual Gantt charts for each mobile worker. Quickly identify areas where the plan needs fine-tuning or drivers need to be coached.

Integrated GPS Reports

Our customizable fleet management dashboards show you a bird’s-eye view of fleet performance. Quickly see KPI trends and make decisions based on facts, not guesswork, to help increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Specific KPIs

Acces Xfleet Control Tower with real-time and historical dashboards, where management can analyze the important key performance indicators over a period of time, and customers and drivers can see real-time information during the execution.


Powerful solutions, together on one platform.

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Powerful solutions, together on one platform.

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