How it works

Manage all tools and informations in a single place. Create Teams, Vehicle settings, Depots and ending points, Logical territories, Log drivers or technicians.
Use powerful API technology to import orders or manually import from any sources to simplify order development process. All changes will sync to the whole team.
Easy optimize and re-optimize routes with lighting fast algorithm. Xfleet Smart Routing Algorithm takes into account all of the guidelines and rules important to your business, and generates the most cost-effective and efficient routes.
Adapt to last-minute changes and help everyone meet their targets for a better workday. Simply add jobs by click and drag to easily transform your plans. 
Improve customer satisfaction with ETA notifications.
Automatically alert customers of ETAs and delays using real-time GPS data. 
Collect customer ratings and reviews. 
See how the company and drivers are performing with customer ratings and reviews. 
Get the whole picture. Finally. Keep an eye on progress and workloads in real-time. Get the data you need to quickly spot potential problems, share updates, and keep work on track.

Our Clients

Be a more effective
delivery-route planner

Choosing the best route is critical to your drivers making deliveries on time. Our advanced delivery management software can help you find cost-effective routes and also delivering more in less time and with less resources. Based on everything that’s important to your business, create the most optimized routes with multi-stop route planning.

Flexible territory optimization

Optimizations with flexible territories can adapt your business to the seasonal fluctuations, to ups and downs, to minimize wasted time and maximize productivity.

Dynamic routes

Easily build optimized routes that listen to the needs of your business to not only save miles and reduce travel time but also boost available resources, customer service and increase worker efficiency.

Multiple time windows

Xfleet algorithm evaluates millions of route options, using powerful cloud-based servers, to quickly find the best way for your fleet and drivers to deliver all orders and get from one job to the next, no matter how complex your setup might be.

Algorithm Overview

Real Time Data

Taking into account actual roads and traffic conditions will save costs, ensure on-time delivery and better adherence to key SLAs for increasing customer delight.

Order-Vehicle Constraints

Different categories of products such as electronics and perishables cannot be shipped together. Sometimes, a specific kind of product, say medicines, can only be dispatched in special fleet Xfleet considers these order-vehicle constraints using real-world scenarios.

Rider Preference Consideration

To ensure smooth implementation, our platform takes preferences from on-ground resources to phase out the traditional system gradually rather than trying changing the entire procedure on a single go.

Intelligent Vehicle Allocation

Includes a specialized library for identifying best vehicle routes given constraints. Smart vehicle allocation based on fleet, traffic, shipment, vehicle type, etc.

Territory-Fleet Constraints

When your business covers huge area you need to create logical territories that are customized to your business, and take into account your available resources and the needs of your customers.

Time Windows

Specify (multiple) time-windows for your deliveries. Soft constraints are also possible.

Balanced routes

Takes all jobs and uses them for planning the predefined number of equally-sized routes with a similar or the same number of stops.

RoutePlan can do the following, and much more:

Building new routes 500 stops in 1 minute.
Resequencing existing routes 100 stops in 2 seconds.
Dealing with big requests 20,000 stops with 200 vehicles in a single request.

What companies are saying about Xfleet


“It’s been so easy to implement Xfleet and it’s helped us increase customer satisfaction and better manage our deliveries"

Fornetti Romania

“Technology is what drives this company. The benefits we're getting out of Xfleet are growing every week."

Dispatch and 
track progress, 
always be in control

Control your workflow. From creative route planning to dispatch and customer notifications and more, everything your team needs is built right in.

Help drivers stay on track

The best route planning accounts for the unpredictable nature of doing business in a constantly changing environment. 

Show progres in real time

Get the fleet management data you need to act quickly with near live GPS vehicle tracking. Receive instant alerts to help improve driver safety, notify customers of technician delays, strengthen security, cut costs and change unwanted driver behaviours.

Emergency dispatch

When something comes up suddenly you need to know right away which driver to dispatch based on who’s the closest, and who has the right skills and the right vehicle.

See who’s doing 
what and when

How many tasks are still in progress? Which team member has too much on their plate? Using Xfleet, you can follow the status of your team's deliveries in different ways: with a quick overview on live maps, with customized dashboards, or even a pre-defined report.

Plan vs Actual

Know how drivers are performing with visual map vs. actual Gantt charts for each mobile worker. Quickly identify areas where the plan needs fine-tuning or drivers need to be coached.

Integrated GPS Reports

Our customizable fleet management dashboards show you a bird’s-eye view of fleet performance. Quickly see KPI trends and make decisions based on facts, not guesswork, to help increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Logistics KPI

Acces Xfleet Control Tower with real-time and historical dashboards, where management can analyze the important key performance indicators over a period of time, and customers and drivers can see real-time information during the execution.


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