How Xfleet Can Help Last Mile Companies with the Challenges of Remote Work

There were 140 percent more people working from home this year than there were 15 years ago—and that was before the Covid-19 virus changed everything.

Even before the pandemic, remote working had become more of an expectation than a perk, especially for younger employees. Last year, 52 percent of employees worldwide were working from home at least once a week. That made sense to companies looking at the numbers. Businesses reported they could reduce turnover by 25 percent when they allowed remote working. Twenty-four percent of employees said they were more likely to be happy and productive if they could work remotely at least once a month.

Now Covid-19 has made remote working critical. Technology is a major driver—it’s much easier when all that’s needed is a mobile. That’s certainly true with Xfleet, which combines Route Planning, Driver Dispatch app, and GPS Live Tracking and Updates to connect people even when they’re apart. Here are the four big challenges Xfleet can help tackle:

1) How Do Teams Collaborate More Effectively?

Field live information and proof of delivery in real time is probably every company’s most important tool for remote dispatchers to keep drivers on track.

But traditional isn’t straightforward. Even the slickest software requires GPS for vehicles, installers, and meeting IDs, to say nothing of the infrastructure costs of running high-quality virtual meetings at scale. Poor video collaboration is penalized even more by a loss of productivity, a lack of innovation, and patchy access to information.

At Xfleet, it’s effortless.

Xfleet Live Map is a virtual meeting space to connect with all your drivers, get live information about tracks and deliveries, and optimize daily activity. monitor exceptions in real time and overcome these period challenges. No plug-ins, no codes, no confusion. It’s really that simple.

2) How Do Businesses Better Communicate With All Their People at the Same Time?

Remote working makes it more challenging than ever to communicate with an entire organization simultaneously. But live dispatch can provide an answer.

Most companies don’t have the infrastructure, equipment, or agility to do it at scale. Streaming truckload carrier events can quickly saturate a fleet and paralyze even a large organization. Poor planning and control can mean misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and missed deliveries.

Live map on Xfleet relieves the stress by enhancing accessibility and interactivity with your field force.

Live MAP is seen as a tool to reduce freight spend, more efficiently plan freight networks, optimize among modes, and minimize hours spent tendering loads.

3) How Do Companies Centralize All Information?

Quickly finding the right information is key to improving knowledge, productivity, and collaboration. With Covid-19, it’s vital. Even when seeking out basic information, employees often waste time searching different drives and hunting down old passwords or requesting new ones.

Xfleet gives companies one place to store static content alongside their dynamic comms. It’s where people go to access all important company information for fleets, drivers, dispatchers, clients, deliveries, activity, etc -- on a mobile or desktop without switching apps.

In addition, a feature like Analytics or Insights allows you to track dynamic updates and key exceptions providing at a glance internal efficiency, complete visibility and cost management.

Across Xfleet, comms can be targeted to the entire company or to specific teams. That means fleets can be managed separately and engagement tracked individually.

4) How Do Companies Understand Which Plans Work and Which Need Changing?

With all the uncertainty, stress, and worry caused by Covid-19 and working from home, it’s now vital for companies to check that their activity is working. Leaders worry about not having control, what their employees are feeling, and whether engagement differs by departments or regions.

Now, with Xfleet Fleet Management, leaders can track the impact of all activity and easily understand the context. This feature gives out-of-the-box Insights on individual score and engagement levels by team as well as captures real time photos, comments, and reactions from clients.

With the use of advanced filters to drill into the Analytics and live data, engagement can be tracked by the proportion of negative, neutral, and positive comments; by job title, location, or department; and more to focus on what resonates best.

Xfleet is a complete fleet management tool connecting everybody – especially remote drivers. For more resources and free demo contacts us.