Pricing for Last Mile Delivery Solution

The pricing features for last-mile delivery software offered in a monthly subscription can vary based on the specific functionalities and capabilities of the software. Below are common features and considerations often associated with the pricing of last-mile delivery software:

  1. Basic Features:
    • Order Management: Accept, track, and manage delivery orders.
    • Driver Assignment: Assign orders to drivers efficiently.
    • Route Optimization: Optimize delivery routes for efficiency.
    • Real-Time Tracking: Track the real-time location of drivers and orders.
    • Communication Tools: Facilitate communication between drivers and dispatchers.
  2. User Access and Licenses:
    • Admin/User Accounts: Differentiate between administrative and user accounts.
    • Driver Licenses: Pay-per-user or pay-per-driver models may apply.
  3. Order Volume:
    • Tiered Pricing: Different pricing tiers based on order volume.
    • Unlimited Orders: Some plans offer unlimited order processing within a specified volume.
  4. Geographic Coverage:
    • Service Area: Some plans may limit the geographic coverage. Premium plans might offer broader coverage.
  5. Delivery Time Windows:
    • Time Slot Management: Allocate specific time windows for deliveries.
    • Customization: Customizable time window options in higher-tier plans.
  6. Integration and Compatibility:
    • API Access: Provide access to the application programming interface for integrations.
    • Third-Party Integrations: Connect with other business tools and systems.
  7. Customer Communication:
    • Customer Notifications: Send automated notifications to customers regarding order status.
    • Tracking Links: Share tracking links with customers for real-time updates.
  8. Reporting and Analytics:
    • Delivery Performance Reports: Analyze delivery performance metrics.
    • Historical Data Access: Access historical data for trend analysis.
  9. Technical Support:
    • Customer Support: Availability of customer support during business hours.
    • Priority Support: Premium plans may include priority support or 24/7 assistance.
  10. Security Features:
    • Data Encryption: Ensure data security through encryption.
    • Access Controls: Define user roles and access permissions.
  11. Customization and Scalability:
    • Custom Features: Availability of custom features or development.
    • Scalability: Ability to scale the solution based on business growth.
  12. Training and Onboarding:
    • Training Resources: Access to training materials or webinars.
    • Onboarding Support: Assistance during the initial setup and onboarding process.
  13. Contract Terms:
    • Contract Duration: Monthly or annual subscription options.
    • Cancellation Policy: Flexibility in canceling or modifying plans.
  14. Mobile App Access:
    • Driver Mobile App: Access to a mobile application for drivers.
    • Customer Mobile App: Access to a mobile application for customers.
  15. Updates and Upgrades:
    • Software Updates: Regular updates and new feature releases.
    • Upgrade Options: Options to upgrade to higher-tier plans for additional features.
  16. Billing and Invoicing:
    • Billing Frequency: Monthly billing cycles.
    • Invoice Generation: Automated generation of invoices with Stripe
  17. Free Trial Period:
    • Trial Period: Availability of a free trial period for testing the software.

Before selecting your last-mile delivery software subscription, carefully review the features included in each plan, contact us for your business needs, and we analyse factors such as scalability, support, and integration capabilities. Additionally costs, such as implementation or training fees, may apply.