Pricing for Transport Management System (xTMS)

Features for Xfleet Transport Management System (xTMS), software with IoT integrations, offered in a monthly subscription. Xfleet offers customization for specific needs and requirements of your transportation and logistics operations and network. The pricing may vary based on the features, functionalities, and scalability of the xTMS software. Here are common features and considerations associated with the pricing of Xfleet TMS software with GPS and IoT integrations:

  1. Fleet Tracking and GPS Integration:
    • Real-time tracking of vehicles, monitoring routes, and optimizing transportation operations with GPS integration, route optimization, and live tracking capabilities.
  2. Route Optimization:
    • Optimization of delivery routes to enhance efficiency and reduce fuel costs with advanced algorithms for route planning, dynamic adjustments, and optimization tools.
  3. IoT Device Integration:
    •  Integration with IoT devices for monitoring vehicle health, fuel consumption, and other relevant data for connectivity with telematics devices, sensors, and other IoT devices to obtain comprehensive data.
  4. Inventory and Asset Tracking:
    • Managing fleet and assets during transportation and monitoring the movement of goods and tracking vehicles.
  5. Mobile Access for Drivers:
    • Providing drivers with mobile access to navigate routes, receive updates, and rest information, enabling real-time communication.
  6. Integration with ERP Systems:
    • Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for seamless data flow with APIs for integration, ensuring data consistency.
  7. Customer Communication and Notifications:
    • Providing customers with real-time updates and notifications regarding delivery status.
    • Automated alerts, notifications, and communication tools for improved customer service.
  8. Analytics and Reporting:
    • Analysis of transportation performance, key performance indicators (KPIs), and delivery metrics.
    • Customizable reporting tools, analytics dashboards, and customizable reports.
  9. Security Features:
    • Ensuring data security and protecting sensitive information related to transportation operations.
    • Data encryption, access controls, and compliance with security standards.
  10. Customization and Scalability:
    • Tailoring the TMS software to meet specific business needs and accommodating growth and adapting to changing requirements.
  11. Customer Support:
    • Availability of customer support for issue resolution and assistance.
    • Customer support channels, service level agreements, and response times.
  12. Training and Onboarding:
    • Providing training resources for users and ensuring a smooth onboarding process.
    • Training materials, documentation, and onboarding support.
  13. Contract Terms:
    • Flexibility in contract duration and subscription options.
    • Monthly billing cycles, annual subscriptions, and contract terms.
  14. Updates and Upgrades:
    • Regular software updates, new feature releases, and opportunities for upgrades.
    • Software update schedules, release notes, and upgrade options.
  15. Billing and Invoicing:
    • Automated billing processes and invoicing for transportation services.
    • Premium comes with invoicing tools, billing frequency options, and automated invoice generation.
  16. Remote Monitoring:
    • Remote track and monitoring of transportation operations.
  17. Additional IoT Features:
    • Additional IoT capabilities such as temperature monitoring, condition tracking, or predictive maintenance.
    • Integration with IoT sensors for specific functionalities beyond basic tracking.
  18. Environmental Impact Insights:
    • Monitoring and reporting on the environmental impact of transportation operations.
    • Tools for assessing carbon footprint, emissions tracking, and sustainability metrics.

 Xfleet TMS (xTMS) software with IoT integrations consider the specific needs of your transportation and logistics operations and the level of integration required. xTMS offers customization and scalability and additionally inquire about any additional modules and custom implementation or custom training, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the overall structure and solution.